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WordPress ยป How to Make Professional SEO Links

The plugin will automatically include the most commonly used words in the text as a label. This way you gain backlinks within the site. In addition, one of the best features is that the words in the article are automatically linked to the label page. In this case, the article..

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What is rel= Tag and How to Use it for search engines

The Rel Canonical tag allows Google bots to determine which link to base when the same content is accessible by search engines with two different link structures. In the case of e-commerce sites, products usually have IDs, so in this case there is no product..

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How to make search engine friendly e-commerce website

In today's article, we will discuss the question of how the e-commerce site should have a product paging system that is too much to compare. Most of the companies that provide e-commerce services use ready e-commerce packages. However, they also make mistakes..

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A New Feature in SEO with Voice Search on Google and Yahoo

It's a topic that I have encountered very often in recent times. I wanted to share with you my research on the subject. For those away from voice dialing, you can make a voice call by pressing and holding the microphone...

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Meet Google SEO If you are Beginner

SEO has become one of the most important sectors of our time for the last few years. It's very important to leave Google in the first place without advertising. When we think that only 10 sites are included in the first page...

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How / When Google Boots Visit Your Website: Check here..

In line with the new Google algorithms; Lowering exit rates and increasing page residence times have a major impact on SEO. User Experience (UX) efforts also aim to increase on-site sales / conversion rates.

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