John Snow and Emilia Clarke

Join us as we celebrate the eternal bond bestowed upon John Snow and Emilia Clarke

Our Special Day

The Wedding

The wedding of John Snow and Emilia Clarke is a theme designed by Henson IT Solutions based on the Game of Thrones TV show. The theme contains images, fonts and a nice looking user interface.

The place of holy matrimony

Wedding Location

We have selected nothing but the finest location for our special day, with a selectively themed interior and a very low population of local dragons.

It would truly be an honour for you to join us at:

Red Keep, King's Landing, Six Kingdoms

Join us at the Red Keep, the capital of King's Landing, located within the Six Kingdoms on December 5th 305AC

What to bring


Gifts are never required, however they are much appreciated and cherished with the memories of our special day. If you wih to bring gifts, below are a few example of what we are looking for.


Monetary gifts are always a great idea hen you dont know what to get.

Gift Cards

We like money but but nothing beats the effort to recognise our favorite places to spend it.


As long as it is nice and suited to us, show us your fashion skills by buying us some clothes.


We would love some furniture like plates and chairs to make our new house more of a home.

How Long

Wedding is Coming


We take great pride in providing all the best Food & Drink for our guests, including a full kids menu. Please do enjoy, but not too much!


A full menu catered to a variety of tastebuds.

Beef Wellington

Prime Rib





A menu fit the biggest little mouths in the room.

Fish Fingers

Chicken Goujons

Spaghetti bolognese

Beef Burger

Sausage & Mash


A wide range of cocktails served with your food.

Black Russian



Pina Colada

Long Island Ice Tea